Plain Language Awards

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Lead judge: Best Plain Language Website — Private sector

Technical communicator, Wellington, New Zealand

Kylie has been a Plain Language Awards judge since 2015. She works hard to convince people that plain language makes good business sense. Organisations that use plain language save time and money, increase transparency, and build customer trust.

‘The Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate clear, concise, and user-focused communications. And each year the standard of entries increases, raising the plain language bar!

‘We all have a right to access information we need — information that’s easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to act on. Jargon, bureaucratic writing, and gobbledygook have no place in today’s communications.’

Kylie has been involved with the Plain Language Awards since 2009. She was a finalist four times, and won Best Plain English Sentence Transformation category in 2013.

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