Plain Language Awards

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Lead judge: Best Plain Language Turnaround

Ari Wordsmith, Plain Language Editor and Writer, Takaka, New Zealand

Erica embraced plain language as soon as she was introduced to its principles. With a background in science communication, Erica quickly recognised how the two approaches are complementary.

Erica is a firm believer in creating a two-way dialogue to encourage a better understanding of important science topics and knows that using plain language is the way to achieve this.
‘Plain language has the power to help people connect, make informed decisions, and embrace new approaches.’

Her experience in communicating science for engineers and sustainability scientists has proved to her how translating technical information for wide audiences creates unlimited opportunities for success.

Having recently launched her own business, Erica is on a mission to call attention to complex issues using language that’s clear and accessible. Although her passion is in communicating science, Erica helps people from a wide range of fields to communicate using plain language so that they can reach their target audience.

Erica’s goals for her business are cleverly captured in her business name. ‘Ari’ in Te Reo Māori means to be clear, visible, evident.

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