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Co-lead judge: Best Plain Language Annual Report

Plain English specialist at PhEW: Plain (helpful) English Writing, Edinburgh, Scotland

Every business starts with an idea. Mine is to help organisations share information more effectively — and in doing so, make the world a little fairer.

In a career spanning academia, central government, and the wider public sector, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to experience the misery of unplain English first-hand. I’ve even inflicted it on others myself! But after being faced with a particularly impenetrable report one day, I finally realised:

If I with all my insider knowledge struggle to read the information we put out, how can we expect the people we’re trying to help to understand it?

I believe that whether you’re writing to share information, advice, knowledge, or support, everyone should be able to benefit from your wisdom. And in these times of misinformation, disinformation, and alternative facts, the clarity that plain English brings feels ever more important.

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