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Judge: Best Plain Language Sentence Transformation

Writer, editor, and trainer at Elemental Communications, Melbourne, Australia

Caitlin is an Australian writer, accredited editor, and plain language trainer. A returning judge in the WriteMark Plain Language Awards, Caitlin has also presented at the Clarity conference and delivered training on plain English editing for the Institute of Professional Editors.

Caitlin may have been born to edit. According to family legend, when she was 3 she scolded an adult for saying ‘to who’ instead of ‘to whom’. Thankfully, her editorial philosophy has evolved.

‘As an editor I care about communicating effectively, rather than enforcing rules. I always come back to the core principles of plain language — information should be easy for readers to find, understand, and use. To achieve this, I think we can take ideas and inspiration from many disciplines, from technical communication, UX and content design, to cognitive psychology.’

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