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Best Organisation winners

2022: AA Insurance

2021: Citizens Advice Bureau

2017: Utilities Disputes

2015: Castalia Strategic Advisors

2014: Deloitte

2013: Ministry of Social Development

2012: Cancer Society of New Zealand

2011: Statistics New Zealand

2010: Office of the Auditor-General

2009: Office of the Banking Ombudsman

2008: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

2007: Castalia

2006: A J Park

Best Individual or Team winners

2022: Phil Belcher, Medical Assurance Society (MAS)

2021: Lauren Kelindeman, Legalite

2018: Better Letters Project, Ministry of Social Development

2017: Steph Prince, NZ Transport Agency

2015: Careers New Zealand — Online Content team

2014: Ministry of Social Development — Sarah Moodie

2013: ANZ Wealth

2012: NZ Transport Agency — Manawatu Gorge Team

2011: Cancer Society of New Zealand

2010: Stephen Leong — Transpower New Zealand Limited

2009: Cancer Society New Zealand — Editorial Team

2008: Deborah Morris — Barnardos New Zealand

2006: Tanya Piejus — Department of Building and Housing

Read about how to become a Plain Language Champion

Find out how to enter our Champion categories