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The People’s Choice category has two awards:

Entries for this category are open all year round,  but the cut-off date for the 2023 Awards is 31 July.

Please email if you have any questions. 


Worst Brainstrain Communication

This award reveals, in good humour, the document or webpage most notable for confusing and dumbfounding its target audience with obscurity and gobbledygook.

By putting these confusing documents and webpages under the spotlight, we hope that the organisations responsible will rewrite them in beautifully plain language.

Have you read something lately that strained your brain? Nominate it!

Read our blog on letting the People’s Choice be your voice

What you need to know

The ideal entry for the Brainstrain award is a publicly available or widely used document or webpage that causes problems for many people.

Documents or webpages nominated in either of the People’s Choice categories must:

  • be whole documents or webpages, not extracts
  • be in current use for business purposes
  • be owned by an organisation that operates in New Zealand
  • not be owned by the organisation you work for
  • not be a book, or an extract from a book.

We promise to keep your personal details confidential. We won’t reveal anything about you to our judges or to the organisation that produced the communication.

Prizes for this award

The winner of the Brainstrain award will be thrilled to win:

  • the famous Brainstrain rubbish bin filled with sour worms
  • the latest StyleWriter plain English editing software — single-user licence (from Editor Software)
  • 2 hours free consultancy from Write Limited to start transforming the document or webpage into plain language
  • a place on any of Write Limited’s 1-day open workshops (to be booked before 31 March 2024)

Entries to the 2023 Awards  close on 31 July.

Please email if you have any questions.