Plain Language Awards

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Winner: People’s Choice — Best Plain English Communication 2019

Accuro Health Insurance


Judges’ comment

On the whole, you’ve done a good job creating a user experience that is clear and helpful, which is refreshing for an insurance organisation!

This website is a very good example of plain English used to support a business to communicate clearly and in an engaging way with as many New Zealand residents and citizens as possible. I’d expect it to have a positive impact on sales to new customers and existing customer retention and engagement.

This is a very strong site. It gives a great first impression, drawing the reader in from the start. This is then followed up by concise and engaging content and a simple-to-navigate layout that makes it easy for readers to find and do what they need to.

Media statement

We completed a brand re-fresh of Accuro at the end of 2018. The foundation of this process was a re-assessment of our values and what is important to Accuro. We identified flexibility, proactivity, understanding and simplicity as essential to the way that we want to operate.

Our website is the first touch point for many people considering health insurance, so we made it a priority to be as direct as possible. We worked together with Springload to create a website that is clear, concise and easy to navigate. As a co-operative working for our members, we don’t have anything to hide, so our communication needs to be simple and accessible.

We are grateful to receive official recognition that we are making health insurance easier to understand for everyday New Zealanders.

Fiona Mackenzie
Brand Manager
Accuro Health Insurance