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Celebrating plain language in New Zealand — PLAIN webinar

Kate Thompson, Tatiana Mes, and Lynda Harris

This Thursday, the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) is hosting their first webinar of 2023, featuring our very own founding sponsor and two previous Awards winners.

Lynda Harris

Lynda is the CE of Write Limited and is our founding sponsor here at the Plain Language Awards. Having championed plain language principles for over three decades, who better to introduce the New Zealand Plain Language Act that comes into fruition in just a few days’ time? Lynda will also be advocating using words as a force for good in the world.

Kate Thompson

Last year, Kate led her team at thinkstep-anz to victory in the category of Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector. The document, A Life Cycle Assessment of New Zealand Mussels and Oysters, is a great example of a straightforward, easy-to-read paper. And an impressive feat, given it was whittled down from a complex, 135-page technical report. Kate will share why the judges were understandably impressed.

Tatiana Mes

Also in 2022, Tatiana and her team at Mercer (N.Z.) Limited took out top spot for the Best Plain Language Website with The judges loved the personality infused into an easy-to-navigate site, while Tatiana emphasised the importance of inclusivity — both in terms of the content and accessibility of the website. She will be talking through the concepts behind this in the webinar.

The webinar promises to be a wonderfully insightful session, and a great place to pick up some tips for entries into this year’s Awards. So, tune in to discover the secrets behind a winner in clear communication!

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