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Care into action — rewrite or reject! (part 2)

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How can you make your sense of care count? Photo by Jacek Dylag. Unsplash licence.

Read on for part 2 of the inspiring speech given by Lynda Harris, Awards founder and CE of main sponsor Write Limited, at the 2018 Plain English Awards

I said that care can be a powerful catalyst for action if we will act on what we feel prompted to do. The three law firm owners I interviewed  had done just that — they literally turned their values and sense of care into strong action.

So, believing what you do about the power of plain language, my question to you as both writer and consumer is ‘what action can you take that is bigger and bolder than before?’ How can you make your sense of care count?

As a writer your awareness of the benefits of plain language will naturally spur you on to rewrite. Make your effort meaningful! What significant project needs your support and insights? Which of your reader groups are most in need? Who must you persuade? Where can you make a difference?

As a consumer, it’s your voice that will bring change, so speak up! When you receive a document that is anything but reader-friendly, reject! Don‘t sign a difficult to understand contract. Query unclear instructions and ask for better. Tell companies what you think of their convoluted policies.

Let care equal action. Let care equal clear.

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